Fall Maintenance Checklist for Single-Family Properties

Fall Maintenance Checklist for Single-Family Properties
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Fall in the Pacific Northwest is right around the corner. Which means autumn leaves, apple cider, cozy blankets, and Halloween. All of the fun things are about to happen. Fall, however, also means it’s time to do some maintenance on your rental properties. Proper maintenance on your home saves you time and money in the long run. Check out our fall maintenance checklist for single property homes for the must-do tasks of every fall season.

Yard Cleanup

Remember those fall leaves we talked about earlier? They are absolutely beautiful and a great part of fall. They can, however, make quite a mess. One part of fall yard cleanup is to rake all of the leaves that have fallen off the trees around your property and dispose of them. Yard cleanup also includes things like mowing the lawn, picking up branches, and discarding any dead flowers from the summer.

Gutter Control

Gutters can get really messy no matter the time of year. Leaves, dirt, and grime can quickly build up in the gutters. Before the rainy season hits, you want to make sure that all of the gunk is cleaned out so the gutters can work correctly. You also want to check to make sure that no part of your gutter is broken. If something is broken, make sure to get it fixed promptly. A broken gutter is just asking for trouble.

Pest Control

Fall also means time for pest control. This includes bugs, rodents, and anything else you consider to be a pest. If you have already existing pest problems, have an exterminator come out. It is much easier, time, and cost-effective to have someone do it for you than you doing it yourself. If you don’t already have a pest problem, take preventative measures. Have someone come spray for bugs. You also want to make sure to repair any cracks or holes in your house that critters could sneak through.

HVAC/Furnace Service

Fall is the best time to get your HVAC and Furnace systems serviced. It is typically a time when the service companies are less busy. If you get maintenance done before winter or summer, you can avoid your machines breaking when you actually need them. It is a common occurrence for things to break right when you need them, so why not avoid that if you can?

Fireplace and Chimney Maintenance

As fall approaches in the Pacific Northwest so does cool weather. If your home has a fireplace or chimney, your renters are probably going to want to use it. Fall is a perfect time to get maintenance done on both your fireplace and chimney. Check for anything that is damaged and can cause issues or a fire. If your chimney needs to be cleaned out, make sure to have that done so you lower the possibility of a house fire.

Moss Treatment for Roof

Portland and the surrounding areas get a lot of rain. With rain comes moss. Moss on your roof can be extremely damaging. To avoid that damage, you need to have someone come do a moss treatment on your roof or you can do it yourself. Moss treatments prevent the buildup of excess moss and extend the lifetime of your roof.

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