An Update on Which Portland Restaurants Have Survived Covid

An Update on Which Portland Restaurants Have Survived Covid
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One of the biggest things that draws new residents to Portland is its abundance of amazing restaurants. You can find so many different tasty options in all parts of the city. Because of this, Portland is an awesome place for investment property owners to purchase rental homes. They are almost always sure to fill the home quickly because the surrounding area has awesome places to eat among other great activities.

Covid has been tough on everyone and this includes restaurants. Thankfully a lot of awesome restaurants have survived Covid. Unfortunately, some have not. We have prepared a list for you of some of the tasty places that have survived Covid in PDX and a list of some of the restaurants that had to close their doors.

Restaurants That Have Survived Covid  

Below is a list of some of our favorite restaurants that have survived Covid so far. Because the pandemic is still happening and tough times are still ahead, it is extremely important that Portlanders continue to support these restaurants and others like them so they can keep their doors open.

  • Obon Shokudo
  • Malka
  • Portland City Grill
  • Screen Door
  • Erica’s Soul Food
  • La Bonita
  • Alleamin African Kitchen
  • Matt’s BBQ
  • Nodoguro
  • Gumba
  • Q Restaurant & Bar
  • Le Pigeon
  • Andina
  • Nong’s Khao Man Gai
  • Besaws
  • Niblefish
  • Grain & Gristle
  • Lechon
  • Higgins
  • Bijo Café
  • The Waiting Room
  • Yard House
  • Holy Trinity BBQ
  • Willow Restaurant
  • The Star Portland
  • Thai Peacock Restaurant
  • Thai Bloom!
  • Café Nell
  • OX Restaurant
  • Canard
  • Swagat Indian Cuisine NW
  • La Bonita
  • Thai Time Café
  • Clyde’s Prime Rib Restaurant and Bar
  • Pine State Biscuits
  • AFURI ramen + dumpling

The easiest way to stay up to date on restraints that are still open is to check out popular restaurant search sites like PDX Eater, Portland Food Map, Open Table, and Oregon Live.

Portland Restaurants that Have Closed 

While there are a lot of awesome restaurants that are still open, way too many great PDX Restaurants have closed due to the pandemic. They are all going to be missed.

  • Bailey’s Taproom
  • Burrasca
  • Eatery at the grant house
  • E-san Thai Downtown
  • Cheese bar
  • SideCar 11
  • Monk’s Deli
  • Poke Mon
  • Bridges Cafe
  • Muu-Muu’s
  • Pok Pok
  • Cacao
  • Tasty n Alder
  • Toro Bravo
  • Sauceboat
  • Rogue Pearl
  • No Bones Beach Club
  • Neat
  • Canton Grill
  • Stella Taco
  • Bistro Montage
  • Portland Seafood Company
  • Bunk Sandwiches Alberta
  • Fortune
  • Bridges Café
  • Giorgios
  • Back to Eden
  • Mi Mero Mole
  • Arlene Library Bakery & Cafe
  • Off the Waffle
  • Tanner Creek Tavern
  • Altamira City Tavern
  • Verde Cocina
  • Noraneko
  • Trinket
  • Helser’s
  • Such Ichidai
  • Ladd Taphouse
  • Beetroot Market & Deli
  • Ataula

Restaurants and Your Rental Property 

The restaurants around your rental property are a great way of adding value to the area your rental property is in. When meeting with potential residents, discuss all the tasty places around. They will love it!

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