5 Things to Prepare Your Rental for Winter

5 Things to Prepare Your Rental for Winter
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Winter weather can be tough on houses, especially when you live in a rainy place like the Pacific Northwest. When you own an investment property, you want to keep the home in the best condition you possibly can. Part of making sure you do that is by preparing the buildings for winter. Let’s take a look at five easy ways you can make sure your rental is ready for winter.

Check Your Heating System 

One of the first things that you need to do before winter fully hits is to check the heating system in your rental. The last thing you want to happen is have the heating system break in the middle of winter. Getting these systems fixed during winter can be more expensive than getting them fixed in the offseason. So, before cold weather actually hits, have your heating system checked out. If it needs fixes, do it now before it gets more expensive. Your wallet will thank you in the long run! Your renters will too because no one likes being cold.

Clean Your Gutters 

Rain hits heavy here in Oregon. It should be common practice for owners to keep their gutters maintained during every season, but it is especially important to do so before winter. One of the first things you need to do is clean all the debris out of the gutters. Pine needles and other things cause the gutters to back up and clog. You also want to make sure that the gutters do not have any erosion. When gutters erode, it can cause water to hit the house and therefore cause structural damage. If you do not feel comfortable cleaning them yourself, you can hire someone to do it for you for a relatively inexpensive price.

Turn off Outside Faucets 

You definitely want to make sure that all outside faucets get turned off before cold weather hits. When the weather gets into the freezing temperatures, faucets can freeze and burst. Make sure to disconnect all of your hoses from your faucets. If your faucets are not frost and freezeproof, turn them off at the valve. This must-do can either be completed by you or whoever is living at your property. A faucet that has burst can quickly cost you a lot of money.

Check and Clean Your Roof 

Making sure that your roof is in good shape is very important. Remove the pine needles, leaves, branches, and moss. After you are done cleaning the roof off, make sure to check it for any holes, missing shingles, or loose shingles. If you spot any of these problems, get them fixed. You definitely don’t want your roof leaking water into your home. A lot of damage can happen quickly because of a faulty roof.

Seal Your Windows and Wood 

Windows, doors, and boards that have holes or separation in them can be a huge problem during winter. They let heat out and can also let moisture in. To keep the structure of your home safe and your tenants warm, make sure to seal any problems you might see. It is a cheap and easy way to keep your house in good shape.

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