3 Reasons Every Landlord in Portland, OR, Should Provide a Tenant Portal

3 Reasons Every Landlord in Portland, OR, Should Provide a Tenant Portal

Even though Portland, OR, has a below-average rental vacancy rate of 4.8% it doesn't mean that tenants stay in one place.

As a landlord, you have to actively make sure that your tenants are happy so that they renew their lease. One of the best ways to make the living experience more enjoyable and convenient is with a tenant portal.

Find out all the reasons to use this property management tool below.

Make Rent Payments Easy

Oregon has the ninth-highest rent in the country at an average of $1,284.

One of the best pieces of landlord advice to follow is to make paying rent easier, especially when it might be a burden on your tenants. A tenant portal allows them to pay online using various methods of payment such as credit cards, debit cards, or electronic checks.

It also makes tracking rent payments and even fees easy for you if you have multiple properties. You can even send rent reminders to ensure on-time payment.

Access to Important Documents

Part of tenant management is keeping important documents on file. Having them in a central location online maintains privacy and accuracy. It also keeps paperwork organized for easy access.

Tenants can view their lease and upload proof of ID without having to leave their house. They can also update information like contact phone numbers and email addresses online. Or, they can renew their lease online by providing a digital signature.

Provide a Single Communication Platform

An efficient rental property uses a tenant portal to communicate with its renters. You can use it to send out notifications about upcoming maintenance to the property or directly message a specific tenant.

Having a single platform allows tenants to communicate with you without bothering you during personal time. You can check messages when you are available on the portal. This means that you won't have to answer constant phone calls or text messages from tenants.

Offer Seamless Maintenance Requests

Landlord tips like using a property management service to accept, track, and fulfill maintenance requests also happen through the portal.

Tenants can log in to the portal to make a repair request and monitor the progress. Also, schedule a time for a contractor to make the repair and issue a receipt online.

Online maintenance tracking also helps you keep a budget for expenses and handle payments to contractors. You can generate reports and invoices to send and receive payments depending on who is paying for the repairs.

Setting Up a Tenant Portal Is Simple

Using a tenant portal not only makes managing your property easier, but it is also simple to set up. The portal is ready to use, so all you need to do is create an account with a property management service like PMI Bridgetown.

Then you can access the portal 24/7 and add current or new tenants as they come. We are here to assist you along the way with any questions you may have or with troubleshooting.

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